motorcycle gear for hot weather

The Best Type of Motorcycle Gear For Hot Weather 


When the summer sun is blazing, and the asphalt is scorching, it’s essential to have the right gear to stay comfortable and protected during your motorcycle rides. Riding in hot weather can be challenging, but with the right gear, you can enjoy the thrill of the open road while staying cool and safe. In this article, we will explore the best types of motorcycle gear specifically designed for hot weather riding, ensuring you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience on your two-wheeled adventures.

The best motorcycle gear for hot weather

1. Motorcycle Jacket

Mesh Construction: Opt for a motorcycle jacket with mesh construction. These jackets are designed with breathable fabric and strategically placed mesh panels that allow maximum airflow, keeping you cool and well-ventilated during hot rides.

Scorpion EXO Cargo Air Jacket

The lightweight mesh riding jacket with an expandable cargo bag has received rave reviews from riders. Its outstanding airflow and convenient expandable cargo bag make it a top choice for those seeking comfort and functionality. The mesh construction allows for excellent ventilation, ensuring riders stay cool even in hot weather. The expandable cargo bag provides ample storage space without the need for additional backpacks, making it an efficient solution for riders on the go.

Ventilation Zippers: Look for jackets with ventilation zippers that you can open or close as needed. These zippers allow you to control the amount of airflow based on the temperature and your comfort level.

3. Cooling Vest

Evaporative Cooling Technology: Invest in a cooling vest that utilizes evaporative cooling technology. These vests are designed to absorb and retain water, which evaporates slowly to create a cooling effect on your body. They can provide relief from the heat for an extended period, ensuring you stay comfortable during long rides.

Alpinestars Cooling Vest

The Alpinestars Cooling Vest has garnered praise from riders for its user-friendly features. The easy-to-fill water port allows for quick and hassle-free refills, minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless riding experience. Additionally, the wide open air perforations on the vest act as gussets, ensuring that the vest maintains its shape and optimal cooling performance at all times.

4. Motorcycle Pants

Lightweight and Breathable Materials: Choose motorcycle pants made from lightweight and breathable materials, such as mesh or textile. These pants allow air circulation and prevent excessive heat buildup, keeping your lower body cool.

Ventilated Panels: Look for pants with strategically placed ventilated panels, usually around the thighs and lower legs. These panels allow airflow and enhance breathability, helping to regulate your body temperature.

Alpinestars Wake Air Pants

The Alpinestars Wake Air Pants are a must-have for riders looking for protection and comfort in hot weather conditions. With CE rated armor at the knees and heavy-duty textiles, these pants provide excellent protection against impacts and abrasion. The strategically placed mesh panels offer superior airflow, ensuring you stay cool and fresh on your rides, even in scorching temperatures.

5. Motorcycle Backpack for hot weather

Airflow Design: Opt for a backpack with an airflow design. Look for backpacks with mesh back panels that allow air to circulate and prevent sweat buildup on your back. This design keeps you cooler and more comfortable during your rides.

OGIO Dakar 3L Hydration Pack

The perfect blend of style, storage capacity and hydration bladder size for a day trip of hitting the back roads on your sport bike. The backpack is equipped with up to 3L water bladder that helps you stay hydrated on the road.

6. Summer Gloves

Perforated Leather or Mesh Gloves: Choose summer gloves made from perforated leather or mesh fabric. These gloves allow air to flow through, keeping your hands cool and preventing excessive sweating.

Reinforced Knuckle and Finger Protection: Look for gloves that offer reinforced knuckle and finger protection without compromising airflow. These gloves provide both comfort and safety during hot weather rides.

REV’IT! Avion 3 Gloves

The Revit Avion 3 Gloves are made out of perforated goatskin leather for great tactile feedback and ventilation. Hard shell knuckle protection is hidden underneath the leather to keep the casual appearance first and foremost.


Riding in hot weather doesn’t have to be a sweaty and uncomfortable experience. By selecting the right gear specifically designed for hot weather conditions, you can stay cool, comfortable, and safe on your motorcycle adventures. Whether it’s a mesh motorcycle jacket, a cooling vest, breathable pants, a well-ventilated backpack, or summer gloves, each piece of gear plays a crucial role in enhancing your riding experience during scorching summer days.

Remember, investing in the best type of motorcycle gear for hot weather is not only about comfort but also about safety. The right gear will keep you cool, prevent overheating, and allow you to stay focused on the road. If you are on a budget and would like to explore second-hand options but are not sure whether that is safe or viable, consult our guide.

Note: The information provided in this article serves as general guidance and recommendation for selecting the best type of motorcycle gear for hot weather. Individual preferences and requirements may vary. No commission earned from this article.

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